Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature Introduction

What’s the General Idea?
To create a sacred space, enabling the opportunity for spontaneous & intuitive connection to flow between self and the organic nature of herbs and plants. We will learn about both the cosmic and organic nature of herbs as well as how to connection with the energetic Principle that is the intelligence of the herb (referred to as ‘being’). We will remember how to communicate directly with organic nature which is of course a reflection of ourselves!
Why are we doing this?
To expand our awareness of the known and the unknown mystery held within the nature of not just herbs, but all of nature. We anticipated that the organic alchemical fusion formed by the cohesive group energy will enable intuitive insights that will benefit both the unique individual, and the whole. That’s right, we learn and teach each other in a spontaneous environment…. You have the keys inside you, and this is an invitation for you to access them, allowing you to bring forth the benefits for yourself and all.
And how is this Brought About?
A blend of intuition, art, sound, vibration, discussion, water and other elements provides an experiential platform filled with fun, light, practical and profound applications that will arrive with the intuitive, conscious conversation that flows between practitioners and herbs. If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it! We only come to play, and remember how to access our own wisdom key with play is one of the mysteries of learning. Effortless, exciting, meaningful, insightful.

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