Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature – Week 1

Check In

As an introduction MaYanya and Nikki explained to us how we were to experience the herbs and what it is we were here to achieve. They explained that humans are multi-dimensional but a lot of the time in our culture we get ‘stuck in a rut’ and only look at one dimension of ourselves. When we welcome herbs into our being they let us see the other parts of ourselves – they are multi-dimensional too. We were given three herbs in two different forms. First we were given a little cup of the dried/powdered version which we could smell, touch, taste, listen to. Then we were given a tea made out of the herb which we drank, smelt. We then sat and experienced the herb through a meditative process. MaYanya connected to the herb and directed us to how the herb wanted us to experience it. Nikki held the space.
The class consisted of the two teachers (Nikki and MaYanya), myself and 3 others (Kate, Saleema* and Takashi*). On meeting Saleema she was extremely forward and talkative – revealing that she’d just recently been re-diagnosed with breast cancer after about 15 years of being cancer free. This was obviously really bothering her because she felt the need to speak to complete strangers about it.
I felt restless – possibly nervous? I felt light. “A big hug!”

Yerba Mate
The smell reminded me of hay and of something with a smokey taste. Taste was un-noteworthy.
“We began with an instruction to click our fingers into the auric field one arms length in front of us, through the primary chakra system”. I became quite light sensitive and I got a strong feeling behind my eyes (migraine?). My right foot was moving in a clockwise direction whilst others experienced similar shapes; Kate drew a DNA spiral and saw a Fibonacci spiral. Saleema* became quite sorrowful and others seemed to be giggly; a release of emotions.

Had a ‘magical’ smell and the taste activated the back of the throat.
Sage communicated to use through song – MaYanya played the singing bowl and Nikki played this big wooden flute (reminded me of a recorder). I felt a ‘lifting up’ sensation, a heaviness deep in the heart and a ringing deep in the ears. “We felt that it was magical, a deep penetration by the herb enabled a feeling of up-liftment that also interpreted as a heavy head.” At this point I laid down and saw the blue ceiling – this reminded me of my aura as I’ve always pictured it as blue “It was peaceful and we had the feeling that it was working in the clearing of the auric field at a deeper level”.
“You assist us also” and lots of talk about being with humans for a long time.

Very light herb – when I sniffed it it actually got into my nostrils (did this to Nikki too). I listed to the dry material where I heard a ‘crackling’ like fire. An almost creamy taste which immediately activated the sides of my tongue – reminded me of a vegetable (broccoli?). The moment I sipped it I felt like coughing.
“We were guided to massage the kidneys through bringing heat into the hands, activating the herb and enabling an awareness of an activation throughout the electromagnetic field – working with water in the body, the kidneys and the central nervous system”. I felt a tingling/heat in my hands on placing them over the kidneys.

Check Out
After finding out the herbs I felt like I was meant to be here – that I belonged. We all made a noise (everyone had a different sound) to bring us back down to Earth and to acknowledge the herbs.
I needed to go to the toilet throughout the whole night – towards the end I was getting restless. On getting home I discovered that I had actually gotten my period during the session.
NOTE: We don’t find out what herbs they are until the very end.
NOTE: Everything written in “quotation marks” is a direct quote from MaYanya, Nikki or one of the other people of the group.
* name changed for privacy.

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