My Tattoo – No, Really.

At the risk of sounding like a complete wank, I want to rant about the tattoo I’ve been planning to close on maybe 4 years now.
I’ve always wanted a tattoo and it’s not for the reasons you think. There seems to be a deep yearning in me; almost like my instincts are telling me that it’s the only way to ‘grow up’ or to fulfill whatever it is that I’m on Earth to do.
So for a few years I’ve been drawing image after image trying to find the tattoo. Finally, after just browsing mindlessly on tumblr I stumbled upon this beautiful image.

Illustration by


The whole thing is beautiful but what really caught my eye was the Moon cycle in the middle – that was the beginning. I’d always wanted a Southern Cross tattoo because of my Australian heritage but there are a lot of people out there who have ruined it (just Google Southern Cross tattoo srsly).

Finally, I’d found a way to incorporate the Southern Cross in a way that wasn’t douche-baggy – it was a legit representation of the constellation for which the tattoo had been originally created.

I’ve also considered incorporating the Libra constellation as well because I’m a Libran but all this depends on the tattoo artist.
While I know the basics of what I want it to look like, I still want it to be a genuine piece of artwork by a genuine artist. This makes the process of finding the right artist very daunting – where do I even begin?! I guess I would need to make appointments and interview each one.

But wait there’s more, I’m getting married in July and my husband to be doesn’t want me to get it done. Well, that’s more than disappointing!

Whilst I search for the perfect artist I must try to make him understand the significance of the tattoo – maybe then he’ll be a little more willing to accept me no matter what I look like.

3 thoughts on “My Tattoo – No, Really.

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  2. this is absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry your partner has reservations about your life-art. is he against all tattoos or just this one in particular? If he is as mad for you as I’m sure he must be (he wants to spend his life.time with you!), then he loves you for you and not the color and symbolism of your skin.

    I’m glad your still pursuing this tattoo. It’s so powerful. And inspiring ❤

  3. I think it’s because I’ve never really communicated to him about how much I wanted a tattoo until I’d decided on the design – it was a bit of a shock to him (from no tattoo to a big black tattoo that will take up 1/3 of my back).

    He said to me “you just don’t seem the kind of person to get a tattoo” which is funny since I’ve always wanted one haha. But yeah, you live and learn. It means that even though we’ve been together for so long there’s still things to discover about each other. It’s a nice feeling – and don’t worry.. I will get the tattoo. He can’t deny me something that is in my very basic nature.

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

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