5/1/13 – Dreams

I had a few dreams last night and they all seemed to blend together – I woke up twice.
I remember I was with my friend James out the front of his house. We were talking about something important but I can’t quite remember the conversation. I had a feeling he was leaving because I was sad. He’s been thinking about moving to America so this could be what was happening.

My next dream consisted of other friends of mine whom I don’t speak to anymore for various reasons – I’ve been having more and more dreams about them lately.
We were sitting in a group but I’m not sure where. I was eating something which reminded me of a mango but had projections coming out from the skin when I ate off all the flesh (it reminds me of one of those fold up hair brushes). I was excited because I had been growing this fruit and I may have figured out how to overcome a problem with them or something – I was telling someone about it (my mum or one of my friends). This was when Jessica showed up – she was my best friend for a number of years, we basically grew up together. We had a falling out after school and haven’t spoken since. She joined the group but I just kept talking about my fruit and tried to ignore her because I didn’t want to speak to her.
Other things happened – or I feel they did. Some of my new friends may have shown up – I keep thinking of really green leaves. I just can’t quite remember the details.

Hopefully the more I document this stuff, the easier it’ll be for me to remember it.

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