Becoming Vegetarian

Being an animist I’ve never really considered animals different from the plants, rocks, oceans, etc – they’re all working together to create Earth. They all have energy that runs through them and that same energy runs through us. This is why I’ve never really considered being a vegetarian – because I can’t separate animals from fruit and vegetables in terms of their pain and suffering.

Recently though I’ve decided to take the step to become a vegetarian for a number of other reasons:

  1. It’s better for me – it’s pretty clear that not only does eating red meat increase your likelihood of developing bowel cancer but also the fat content of red meat is just not good for overall general health and well-being.
  2. I’m against factory farming – it’s cruel to the animals and bad for the ecosystems immediately involved in the raising and slaughtering of the animals.
  3. Environment – becoming vegetarian will reduce my carbon footprint.

I’m not very good with change in this kind of an area – I mean, I’ve changed my eating habits before successfully but it normally takes me quite a long time before anything happens. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that because no doubt I will be having thoughts and writing posts related to that.


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