19/1/13 – Dreams

Last night I had a dream of the end of the world. I remember that we all knew it was going to happen and there was definitely a lead up. I was doing something, trying to get something done? Either way I was by myself when it happened. A big light appeared in the center of the horizon and I looked at it on a hill over a meadow (but the meadow seemed unusually devoid of any plants – maybe it’s an Australian meadow haha). The light went up in a column to the sky and then expanded to engulf the world and I saw it coming towards me. I remember saying to myself “I love you so much Brian” – I found it unusual that we weren’t together.

Instead of the world just ceasing to exist, time stopped and I was transported to another dimension (?). It seemed I was in a cave or under the Earth, either way there was a lady that had dark skin and big hair – she had long black nails and wore the most gorgeous black flowy dress (kind of a silky material), I didn’t think she was human. There were other creatures there that I didn’t recognise. I kept thinking that we were in hell and she was the devil – I don’t believe in the devil but maybe she was where to story had originated. She wasn’t there to hurt us but to change us. I think there were other humans there; here’s where it starts to get blurry. I feel like I was with someone I knew at this point but I can’t remember who. She was talking to us about making changes to the way the Earth is and how we treat her. There was a big long speech, a discussion and compromises. I wasn’t involved in any of this but a spectator.

After that it moved to a party. It seemed like an other worldly party. I don’t remember much of this party a part from a man walking past me who had something similar to a smurf hat on – it was all colours though and had written across it ’empath’. I remember looking at it and falling in love with it. I said I wanted one. He took it off and threw it away. We then started talking.

That’s all I can remember.

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