24/1/13 – Dreams

I don’t remember what dream came first – if I don’t know any better I’d say they were happening simultaneously.

I was in the past with my ex-boyfriend. It seemed I was reliving our relationship, there was this part where he really upset me. We were in the backyard of my Nan and Pop’s old place and we were children – there was a cave of some sort? I remember it being dark but not night time. I remember getting upset and being really scared of him. I ran away and found mum inside the house and I sat between her and my nan (my aunty was there too). I kind of hid behind her when my ex came in looking for me. He saw me and mum said something to him then he left.

It then cut to my fiance and I’s wedding. I don’t really remember anything a part from how happy I felt.

Note: My dreams seem to be happening right in the middle of the night because I wake up whilst it’s still dark after them. I should write them down as soon as I wake up so I remember them better but I don’t really want to have to get out of bed just to write down a dream. Will think of something.

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