Peak Moment 138 Starring John Micheal Greer

A video that relates to my last post for the Pagan Blog Project ‘C’ is for Children (and Culture).

Peak Moment 138: In his book, “The Long Descent”, John Michael Greer observes that our culture has two primary stories: “Infinite Progress” or “Catastrophe”. On the contrary, he sees history as cyclic: civilizations rise and fall. Like others, ours is exhausting its resource base. Cheap energy is over. Decline is here, but the descent will be a long one. It’s too late to maintain the status quo by swapping energy sources. How to deal with this predicament? He lays out practical ideas, possibilities, and potentials, including reconnecting with natural and human capacities pushed aside by industrial life. []

John Micheal Greer puts into words what I can’t. Of course, he speaks from a non-spiritual perspective but if you refer to his blog – he is a spiritual person. This supports my theory of culture and spirituality needing to be intertwined for a civilisation to be successful and sustainable – of course it is still just a theory (and everyone’s spirituality is different).

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