Weather Observations – 7/4/13

For a week or two leading up to April it was rainy and overcast – the beginning of winter. Before that though it still felt like summer; warm days and nights. Spending nearly every weekend at the beach or by the pool. It was very humid.
There is definitely a change here now though. The clocks were set back an hour yesterday and I guess we’ll see an immediate change in the amount of light we have in the afternoons. We also got out the winter sheets – put our electric blanket on and our sheep skin underlay. We’re getting ready for a cold winter.

Yesterday we made ourselves a garden. We planted carrot, broccoli, cos lettuce and baby spinach seedlings. Along with our spring onions and basil plants that were getting too big for their pots. I also trimmed up the lemon balm which got badly burnt during summer (NTS: keep it in the shade during the warmer months!) and replanted our mint seedlings which have been struggling to stay alive for months (it seems).


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