The Basics

I’m an animist that manifests my worship into a ‘god’ and ‘goddess’ model for no other reason than familiarity.
I live in Australia but am of European background, this can be quite difficult for a hedge witch who’s knowledge can not be applied to her current surroundings. I’m studying druidry in the hope that it will allow me to comprehend the cycles of the area I live in – but I do not belong to one path.

My Past

I’ve always considered Nature sacred. It was only when I graduated high school that I realised Christianity isn’t the only established religion and that there were other options for me out there – including the worship of nature.
Having said that, after reading books on all different paths, creating my own seemed to be the only logical option. I’d been raised in an average European household on the Central East Coast of NSW Australia so, whilst wicca, druidry and others inspired me I just couldn’t ‘fit’ them into my surroundings.

My Goals

  • I strive to create a culture for my future family.
  • Creating a basic system that I can work from and pass down.
  • To become a herbalist and doula that integrates yoga and energetic healing into her practice.
  • To become more self-sustainable and to one day grow my own food and medicines.
  • Become more organised.
  • Less procrastination and more action!

This Blog

I will be documenting my Spiritual Journey on this blog. Things you will most likely see include:

  • Seemingly irrelevant ramblings about small things that happen to me.
  • Thoughts – lots of them.
  • Spellwork and artwork.
  • Recipes.
  • Advertising for my shop.
  • Information on herbs, flower essences, tarot cards, runes, etc.
  • Experiences.

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