Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature – Week 4

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This week was different from other weeks. I think the others might have gotten confused about whether or not it was on (it was a public holiday – also a full moon so it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone were a little busy). Either way it was only Me, Takashi* and MaYanya. I think I was quite excited of the prospect of it being a smaller class and how fast we could move through the herbs (less people = less chatting). As soon as I got there I strolled right over to the tea that they always have sitting on their counter. I took a sip before MaYanya could say anything – once she realised she told me that it was actually the first herb (she had run out of plunges). I had to laugh; the universe works in mysterious ways.
Our initial ‘drop in’ brought lethargy and exhaustion. This was not surprising seeing as I just spent the week helping my Aunty and her family and had only gotten back an hour before hand (it takes 5 hours driving to get back). I could immediately feel all of the tights spot in my body (right hip, diaphragm, both sides of right and lower back). Other than that all I felt were my need for sleep and to see Brian.

1. Mistletoe (heart herb – emotional and physical)
Ate a little of the plant material; spongey in texture. “Take scent back into glands behind ears”. We imagined a universe captured in our skull. Filling every corner of our being. We flew through the universe – black holes, blue planets and comets. We were told to imagine an eye; mine was made from a nebula (inspired by this image that I saw a few years back). Then we were told to imagine the pupil being like a door spinning on its axis which we then went through; to the dimension of the being in the herb.
I saw myself and then I saw a big desert, the sand/dirt was a dark orangey-red. There was a dark blue sky; as if the sun had just set. Before me I saw big rocks that reminded me of the stones in the Stonehenge. These represented the being’s hands (I guess that could mean how it received and took things). By the right ‘hand’ we were instructed to see a gift; from the base of the right one I saw a plant growing. It reminded me of a vine but stood upright on its own.
After that she danced with me; I couldn’t see any features, I could only feel her touch guiding me. When it was time to leave I drew a heart in the sand at the base of the spinning door, then knelt and kissed the Earth. I came back through the portal and flew home.

2. Chrysanthemum
Yellow flower, which smelt like sweat (lol). The smell was completely different to the taste. Taste wasn’t noteworthy. At this point I’ve written “Want to close our eyes” – I’m not sure who I was referring to when I said ‘our’ but I gathered it meant the group. We were told to imagine a pyramid in our head, consisting of a central pyramid as the base. It spun on it’s axis in time with the breath. I imagined myself upside down. We were told to image a colour for the pyramid. At first I saw white (not transparent) – then it changed to yellow then green. The pineal gland then started glowing and pulsating green. MaYanya then went on to explain that Green and Pink are the colours of the heart centre and it was the colour of healing.

3. Borage (powerful balancing herb)
As soon as MaYanya poured the tea I felt a shiver all through my body. I got another shiver on picking up and then on drinking the tea. We were told to think of the colour of the flower – then MaYanya made clear that it doesn’t matter if we got the colour wrong (I had to giggle at that because that’s precisely what I was worrying about haha). I saw an orange flower with deep green foliage. I could smell wattle which enveloped my entire being (the smell of wattle is my absolute favourite). We were told to imagine being a bee, we buzzed and gathered nectar and pollen – accepting the pure joy this plant was giving to us (described as an “orgasm”). We were then taught to put this pollen anywhere we needed it – I chose my brain which then overflowed to my eyes. MaYanya then explained that this will allow us to interpret signals from the organs and that this particular herb will be working for a couple of days (food/sound/action/etc). I massaged my head (temples, forehead, back of head) and a feeling of cold on my eyes.

NOTE: We don’t find out what herbs they are until the very end.
NOTE: Everything written in “quotation marks” is a direct quote from MaYanya, Nikki or one of the other people of the group.
* name changed for privacy.

Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature – Week 3

Check In
Last week when I got there Kate was standing out the front. A lady walked past and asked if we worked in the shop; we shook our heads. She poked her head into the store, for some reason this prompted me to walk inside. This forced her to come in. I believe I did this for a reason because she joined the group after Nikki explained to her what we were all there for. There was also a bush fire somewhere close as we could all smell the smoke. We were told to think of an emotion – I chose fear.
“Resting in Awareness” I felt very still – by myself.

Felt my heart beating. The herb was “asking to be recognised” – this could be in reference to the fact I’d been prescribing passionflower all week and had not recognised it. I wanted to crush it between my fingers to begin with; I really wanted to play with it in my hand. The taste reminded me of black tea with milk. The taste then seemed to change every time I took a sip. At this point we were guided into meditation by MaYanya; we were told to picture a ribbon at the base of our spine (mine was red) and then unravel it using the breath (one vertebrae at a time) to the top of our spine where a flame was lit. The brow, third eye and crown chakras were activated and opened – this was facilitated by Nikki who was walking around touching us on certain parts of the body (she cradled my head at one point, touching the sides and the space between my brows; after this the space between my brows tingled until the end of the meditation). We were then directed to imagine a pillar of concentrated light expanded down and into the body where it was directed into the stomach area (inspired by this video – that isn’t the original music btw). This helped the release of emotion through the body. I held my hands at my stomach in a triangle shape (pointing downwards) and went into a deep meditation and far away. I imagined myself in this scene.
On waking my sense of touch was much enhanced; I liked the feel of my dress and the carpet I was laying on. Light sensitivity was also present.

Calamus Root Powder “After sending the mercury, silvery energy to the moon and back 3 times my area felt a lot stronger – more tangible” – direct quote from my notes. “We were taken into a pool of liquid in the stomach that looked like silver mercury. We expanded our light body to a field around the body, and then traveled in our light bodies to the moon and back, clearing all the emerging energies from the stomach that were activated by the passionflower” – direct quote from MaYanya’s notes. At the beginning and the end MaYanya instructed us to touch and feel our aura or light body. This is when I noticed that my aura was a lot stronger and more tangible.. I felt that I could physically feel the edges. Others in the group seemed to be getting quite a bit of movement in the stomach area – I didn’t feel anything noteworthy.

Horny Goat Weed
Nothing really noteworthy here. It gave me a soft feeling and I had a circular movement happening within my body (clockwise). MaYanya says that it “anchored us back in to the base center from whence we had journeyed and pulled us back into the body after our ‘cosmic’ handing over of our emotions into the energy body of the moon”.

Check Out
Afterward I felt strong and alive. I was bouncing around the shop and was extremely keen to do our ‘sound’ (at the end of every session we all make a sound to bring us back into the world and to also acknowledge the beings and say thanks). I felt that it helped me get through this week unscathed as it was very emotionally charged for me. I still came home and was extremely exhausted but it’s taken me a day to recover when normally 2 or 3 would be needed.
NOTE: We don’t find out what herbs they are until the very end.
NOTE: Everything written in “quotation marks” is a direct quote from MaYanya, Nikki or one of the other people of the group.

Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature – Week 2

Check In
There was a storm looming and it had been for a majority of the day – as a result the air was very electric and we were all quite restless.
I felt bigger than my body. This was an interesting development for me because I’d had this experience many times when I was a child and it really bothered me. I would get upset and mum would ask me what was wrong, “I feel weird” was all I could say. How else could I describe it? It gave me some comfort to know that all along I was connecting to the Great Being.
Nikki started off by making it clear that whilst people’s pasts are important to who they are and what they bring to the class – that we weren’t a group counselling session. This needed to be said but Saleema* wasn’t there and she was the one who needed to hear it. Ironic. In Saleema’s place we had another lady – she is yet to be named as I haven’t seen much of her personality (and tbh can’t remember her real name).

Sweet smelling, light (not heavy). Found a really pretty looking twig in my dried herb which I’ve sticky-taped to my notes (decorative and intricate). We were instructed to observe the herb in tea form – to take this being in through the eyes. I wanted to blow on the tea to make the liquid move/dance. I moved the cup around in my hands to make the light and shadows play in the liquid “reflection in a pool of water”. I got the feeling that this herb was extremely playful, young and gentle in nature.
MaYanya was saying that “You need to merge fully with the essence of you being.. you will enable healing.” She went on to explain that we very rarely look people in the eyes “Why is it so hard to look another deeply in the eye? Because your reflection is there – your healing is there”. I found this interesting because on many occasions I have looked at myself in Brian’s eyes so that I can try and figure out how he sees me. Overall, I loved the way this herb made me feel – very happy and relaxed as if everything was going to be OK

The smell reminded me of just before it rains. My first impression was of a quiet and relaxing herb (I felt my head dropping). This was a bit of a confusing herb for me – I went on a bit of a journey. I felt that I was just about to drift off when it pulled me back again and I felt a tingling in between my eyes. At one point we were directed to recognise any heat in the body and to take notice of where it first showed up; mine was the throat. We then began tapping the thymus and rubbing it in a circular motion to anchor in to that spot and to set the intent to balance. At this point we were directed to think of a colour – I saw many. Blue was the first > After tapping; Green > After pulling earlobes > I saw the sun; yellow, bright and warm > I burped and MaYanya began playing the singing bowl > a big flash of lightening lit up the sky outside where I saw a deep purple.
“All present felt a huge shift of movement in the body – working with water (the tide) in the body enabling a calming of the rough seas of emotion. The cooler blue was registered by several present – activating lymphatic cleansing.” MaYanya and Nikki’s notes.

This was was in a different form than any other herb we’ve used. We got an essence applied to any part of the body that felt right (I immediately thought of temples) and had a resin to hold and sniff – it had a spicy smell. I licked the resin and it gave me a tingling sensation on my tongue (spicy). At this point I had a feeling that it was one of the three offered to Jesus at his birth but since I didn’t really know any of them I put it out of my mind. It seemed very rhythmic – I twirled the resin in my fingers and moved my legs side to side. I saw a purple-blue rod in my minds eye and when I opened my eyes I noticed the shop lights on the roof – and that one was missing. This possibly could have something to do with one half of a whole as I was thinking about Brian.
We accessed the quantum jumping facility through the imagination and were invited to make a wish. I can’t recall how we did this though or what I saw in my imagination and I haven’t written it down. I wanted to put the resin on my upper lip so I could smell it constantly – this I allowed myself. “Expanded the field of all those present to a joyous, uplifting feeling”.

Check Out
I felt very much in my head at this stage. The storm outside was making everyone restless but I also believe it facilitated the experience. On my way home in the car I continued the noise (at the end of every class we make a noise to bring us back to Earth and to acknowledge and thank the beings in the herbs).
NOTE: We don’t find out what herbs they are until the very end.
NOTE: Everything written in “quotation marks” is a direct quote from MaYanya, Nikki or one of the other people of the group.
* name changed for privacy.

Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature – Week 1

Check In

As an introduction MaYanya and Nikki explained to us how we were to experience the herbs and what it is we were here to achieve. They explained that humans are multi-dimensional but a lot of the time in our culture we get ‘stuck in a rut’ and only look at one dimension of ourselves. When we welcome herbs into our being they let us see the other parts of ourselves – they are multi-dimensional too. We were given three herbs in two different forms. First we were given a little cup of the dried/powdered version which we could smell, touch, taste, listen to. Then we were given a tea made out of the herb which we drank, smelt. We then sat and experienced the herb through a meditative process. MaYanya connected to the herb and directed us to how the herb wanted us to experience it. Nikki held the space.
The class consisted of the two teachers (Nikki and MaYanya), myself and 3 others (Kate, Saleema* and Takashi*). On meeting Saleema she was extremely forward and talkative – revealing that she’d just recently been re-diagnosed with breast cancer after about 15 years of being cancer free. This was obviously really bothering her because she felt the need to speak to complete strangers about it.
I felt restless – possibly nervous? I felt light. “A big hug!”

Yerba Mate
The smell reminded me of hay and of something with a smokey taste. Taste was un-noteworthy.
“We began with an instruction to click our fingers into the auric field one arms length in front of us, through the primary chakra system”. I became quite light sensitive and I got a strong feeling behind my eyes (migraine?). My right foot was moving in a clockwise direction whilst others experienced similar shapes; Kate drew a DNA spiral and saw a Fibonacci spiral. Saleema* became quite sorrowful and others seemed to be giggly; a release of emotions.

Had a ‘magical’ smell and the taste activated the back of the throat.
Sage communicated to use through song – MaYanya played the singing bowl and Nikki played this big wooden flute (reminded me of a recorder). I felt a ‘lifting up’ sensation, a heaviness deep in the heart and a ringing deep in the ears. “We felt that it was magical, a deep penetration by the herb enabled a feeling of up-liftment that also interpreted as a heavy head.” At this point I laid down and saw the blue ceiling – this reminded me of my aura as I’ve always pictured it as blue “It was peaceful and we had the feeling that it was working in the clearing of the auric field at a deeper level”.
“You assist us also” and lots of talk about being with humans for a long time.

Very light herb – when I sniffed it it actually got into my nostrils (did this to Nikki too). I listed to the dry material where I heard a ‘crackling’ like fire. An almost creamy taste which immediately activated the sides of my tongue – reminded me of a vegetable (broccoli?). The moment I sipped it I felt like coughing.
“We were guided to massage the kidneys through bringing heat into the hands, activating the herb and enabling an awareness of an activation throughout the electromagnetic field – working with water in the body, the kidneys and the central nervous system”. I felt a tingling/heat in my hands on placing them over the kidneys.

Check Out
After finding out the herbs I felt like I was meant to be here – that I belonged. We all made a noise (everyone had a different sound) to bring us back down to Earth and to acknowledge the herbs.
I needed to go to the toilet throughout the whole night – towards the end I was getting restless. On getting home I discovered that I had actually gotten my period during the session.
NOTE: We don’t find out what herbs they are until the very end.
NOTE: Everything written in “quotation marks” is a direct quote from MaYanya, Nikki or one of the other people of the group.
* name changed for privacy.

Attune to Self Through Herbs and Nature Introduction

What’s the General Idea?
To create a sacred space, enabling the opportunity for spontaneous & intuitive connection to flow between self and the organic nature of herbs and plants. We will learn about both the cosmic and organic nature of herbs as well as how to connection with the energetic Principle that is the intelligence of the herb (referred to as ‘being’). We will remember how to communicate directly with organic nature which is of course a reflection of ourselves!
Why are we doing this?
To expand our awareness of the known and the unknown mystery held within the nature of not just herbs, but all of nature. We anticipated that the organic alchemical fusion formed by the cohesive group energy will enable intuitive insights that will benefit both the unique individual, and the whole. That’s right, we learn and teach each other in a spontaneous environment…. You have the keys inside you, and this is an invitation for you to access them, allowing you to bring forth the benefits for yourself and all.
And how is this Brought About?
A blend of intuition, art, sound, vibration, discussion, water and other elements provides an experiential platform filled with fun, light, practical and profound applications that will arrive with the intuitive, conscious conversation that flows between practitioners and herbs. If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it! We only come to play, and remember how to access our own wisdom key with play is one of the mysteries of learning. Effortless, exciting, meaningful, insightful.

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