24/1/13 – Dreams

I don’t remember what dream came first – if I don’t know any better I’d say they were happening simultaneously.

I was in the past with my ex-boyfriend. It seemed I was reliving our relationship, there was this part where he really upset me. We were in the backyard of my Nan and Pop’s old place and we were children – there was a cave of some sort? I remember it being dark but not night time. I remember getting upset and being really scared of him. I ran away and found mum inside the house and I sat between her and my nan (my aunty was there too). I kind of hid behind her when my ex came in looking for me. He saw me and mum said something to him then he left.

It then cut to my fiance and I’s wedding. I don’t really remember anything a part from how happy I felt.

Note: My dreams seem to be happening right in the middle of the night because I wake up whilst it’s still dark after them. I should write them down as soon as I wake up so I remember them better but I don’t really want to have to get out of bed just to write down a dream. Will think of something.

19/1/13 – Dreams

Last night I had a dream of the end of the world. I remember that we all knew it was going to happen and there was definitely a lead up. I was doing something, trying to get something done? Either way I was by myself when it happened. A big light appeared in the center of the horizon and I looked at it on a hill over a meadow (but the meadow seemed unusually devoid of any plants – maybe it’s an Australian meadow haha). The light went up in a column to the sky and then expanded to engulf the world and I saw it coming towards me. I remember saying to myself “I love you so much Brian” – I found it unusual that we weren’t together.

Instead of the world just ceasing to exist, time stopped and I was transported to another dimension (?). It seemed I was in a cave or under the Earth, either way there was a lady that had dark skin and big hair – she had long black nails and wore the most gorgeous black flowy dress (kind of a silky material), I didn’t think she was human. There were other creatures there that I didn’t recognise. I kept thinking that we were in hell and she was the devil – I don’t believe in the devil but maybe she was where to story had originated. She wasn’t there to hurt us but to change us. I think there were other humans there; here’s where it starts to get blurry. I feel like I was with someone I knew at this point but I can’t remember who. She was talking to us about making changes to the way the Earth is and how we treat her. There was a big long speech, a discussion and compromises. I wasn’t involved in any of this but a spectator.

After that it moved to a party. It seemed like an other worldly party. I don’t remember much of this party a part from a man walking past me who had something similar to a smurf hat on – it was all colours though and had written across it ’empath’. I remember looking at it and falling in love with it. I said I wanted one. He took it off and threw it away. We then started talking.

That’s all I can remember.

Dreams – 9/1/13

Last night I had a few dreams – the first one was about my old childhood home. I was there with all these strangers, they were mean and were making me feel really uncomfortable so I tried to gather up all my things to leave. I was driving down the street to escape when I saw Simba (my pet rat) running down a drain. I stopped to pick him up and then half way down the street realised it wasn’t him but another rat – then I couldn’t remember where Simba was.

I drove over to my friend’s place but he told me I was too early (at this stage my fiance was with me – he may have been with me the whole time but I didn’t see him). My friend was drinking on his front porch with another one of my friends.

It was night time and we were driving along a brightly lit road – something happened here but I can’t quite remember. There may have been a warehouse or something.

I then started dreaming about Cockatoo Paul, who’s this guy we met on our road trip – he has a pet cockatoo on his shoulder all the time. We turned up to his place (in a van with a bunch of other people) to do the bush tucker course we were planning on doing with him on our road trip but never ended up going to (we went out drinking instead haha). When I turned up there, Brian was already there and was going to the toilet. Cockatoo Paul greeted me and asked if I was ready and I said that I was – that I was relaxed because I was on holiday and didn’t have to think about anything until I go home (and I really was!).

Then I was at the shopping center where I grew up. I was in the supermarket and I was trying to avoid seeing Jessica (my used-to-be best friend from high school) but when I did run into her it was like I wasn’t there. She was asking the girls at the registers if any of them needed her to work but they all said no. I felt like I should talk to her and make amends but I really didn’t want to speak to her – we went out into the car park and I’m not sure what happened.

Note: The writing of my dreams from now on will be rough as I’ll be writing them as soon as I wake up so that they are accurate.

5/1/13 – Dreams

I had a few dreams last night and they all seemed to blend together – I woke up twice.
I remember I was with my friend James out the front of his house. We were talking about something important but I can’t quite remember the conversation. I had a feeling he was leaving because I was sad. He’s been thinking about moving to America so this could be what was happening.

My next dream consisted of other friends of mine whom I don’t speak to anymore for various reasons – I’ve been having more and more dreams about them lately.
We were sitting in a group but I’m not sure where. I was eating something which reminded me of a mango but had projections coming out from the skin when I ate off all the flesh (it reminds me of one of those fold up hair brushes). I was excited because I had been growing this fruit and I may have figured out how to overcome a problem with them or something – I was telling someone about it (my mum or one of my friends). This was when Jessica showed up – she was my best friend for a number of years, we basically grew up together. We had a falling out after school and haven’t spoken since. She joined the group but I just kept talking about my fruit and tried to ignore her because I didn’t want to speak to her.
Other things happened – or I feel they did. Some of my new friends may have shown up – I keep thinking of really green leaves. I just can’t quite remember the details.

Hopefully the more I document this stuff, the easier it’ll be for me to remember it.

December 2012

So lately I’ve been having repetitive dreams about my Dad. Usually they’re in different situations – at work, at my primary school, etc. But in all of them I’m trying to fly away from Dad..

The last one I can remember in detail I was worrying about Dad losing his job and instead of helping him, I just kept trying to fly away and I kept using his head as a way to try and take off.

I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.