My Practice

An Australian sunset in summer over the water – it was a little drizzly and a rainbow was spotted. It’s really common for thunderstorms to blow over around twilight after a really hot and dry day.

Inspiration – Ancestry and Local Cultures

I draw a majority of inspiration from where (I believe) my ancestors are from – this includes Celtic traditions, Druidry, Germanic Paganism, Norse traditions with a dash of the Picts. However inspiring these traditions are, I hold the belief systems and lore of the Koori and Murri people of Australia with the utmost reverence. Their level of understanding and comprehension is just phenomenal and completely over my head.

The Path

It’s important for me to observe and comprehend Nature. Seeing as I am of European descent living in a completely alien landscape to my ancestors, I am ‘beginning from scratch’ so to speak. I have been studying Druidry for about 2 years now to help me understand the Australian cycles better.


Climate Diary: This is where I keep all my observations about Nature and am in the process of drawing up a revised edition of the ‘Wheel of the Year’ which will be more appropriate for Australian’s living on the East Coast than any of the Northern Hemisphere versions (it’s not just as easy as flipping it guys!). I hope to establish a better holiday system to work from – one that is true to the climate and is also modern enough to be incorporated into everyday life.

Altars: My main tool. I like to collect things I find outside such as flowers that are in bloom, feathers of birds I’ve seen a lot of, sticks, vines, pine cones, seeds, etc and decorate my altar – it’s my way of giving thanks. I also use my alter to cast spells (or praying as I like to call it), give offerings, dedications and many other things besides.

Intuition and Divination: I love using tarot and have always had an interest in it. I currently use the DruidCraft tarot by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm; Illustrated by Will Worthington and the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King.

Semi-precious Stones: I wear a lot of jewelery containing these stones and use them to concentrate energy in spells and ritual work (my favourite at the moment are turquoise and amethyst).

Herbs and Animals: Herbal products are just making an appearance in my practice – I’ve studied them for the last four years in a classroom and after attending an “Attune to Self Through Nature” course a few months back I’ve been using them in different ways. I sometimes communicate with animals, mostly birds and collect feathers to connect with them.

Yoga: It’s important I practice regularly so I can maintain my connection to the Earth otherwise I may float away – true story.

Intention: Super important! I’m not at all big on structured spells and rituals – half the time I don’t even speak out loud. I usually meditate on what I want to achieve, the structure of the ritual/ceremony will come to me during that time. I allow for a natural flow of energy at this point between me and the Universe – so much so I tend to forget what it was I actually did. I’m working on writing down the things that work and the things that don’t.



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