Goddess Archetype: Persephone

Goddess Archetype: Persephone

Persephone came in as a close second on the Goddess Archetype quiz I completed as part of my 4SJ. I’ve heard of Persephone and know the basics of her story.
I used this link as a reference.

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  • Goddess of the underworld
  • Concerned with the world of spirit, the occult, matters associated with death.
  • She is mystical, visionary and often possesses spirit guides.
  • Archetypal child; radiating optimism and good hope
  • Kore, the Maiden, Persephone (or Demeter), the mature Woman, and Hecate, the Wise Crone.

Myths and Stories

  • Kore (daughter of Demeter and the maiden aspect of Persephone) was abducted (at the suggestion of Zeus) and raped by Hades and forced to be his wife. She was plucking flowers in a field when Hades (her uncle and god of the Underworld) abducted her to be his Queen in the dark world below.
  • The goddess, Hecate, strongly associated with the dark side of the moon and with witchcraft – was the only one to witness Kore’s abduction. She hears Persephone’s cries but does nothing, herself, to help and, furthermore, does not seek help from others.
  • Kore was extremely unhappy in the darkness of the Underworld and missed her mother, Demeter. Kore was ultimately allowed to rejoin her mother, who had arranged Persephone’s release. However, Persephone was obligated to return each Fall to spend four months of each year in the underworld as consort to Hades because she had eaten pomegranates from the underworld.


  • Her consciousness is diffuse, taking in all, rather than focused.
  • Has difficulty saying “no” and recognizing and asserting her own boundaries.
  • She may unconsciously attract destructive relationships or potentially controlling partners. As an unconscious protective measure, she may choose a safe alternative in a younger, non-threatening partner whom she can mother.
  • Difficulty explaining her reasoning as it is an intuitive perception.
  • Easily overwhelmed by feelings and impressions from her unconscious


  • Her receptivity, intuition, empathy toward the suffering of others, her keen powers of imagination, inspiration, ability to read the hearts and minds of others. Persephone, once matured through her own inner work, is the guide to the Underworld.


I’ve never related to Persephone – her story interests me but I’ve not had any run ins with this Goddess before (which I guess isn’t surprising since she’s not the type to assert herself). At the beginning I didn’t quite agree with the description but as I read more and more I could see how she fits into my personality.

A lot of the challenges that Persephone faces are what I’m working on currently with my mental health so I do believe she has some important things to teach me.