Protection Ritual


My fiancé and I love helping people but sometimes we become too generous with our time and energy.

We’ve finally moved into our new house (still don’t have internet!) and it’s just him and I again. Now that we’re settled in, I want to create a protective barrier or ward around our property to:

1. Protect us from unwanted guests.

2. Make any invited guests feel safe.

3. Create a space that we can use to safely express ourselves.

4. Our energies are focussed on each other and our relationship (not exclusively but more so than usual).



Draft Diagram I’ve drawn in my journal – when I’m happy with the finished product I’ll copy this into Nwyfre Raven-seer.

Part One

The first part of this ritual began on the day we moved in. I smoke cleansed the property using sage and other incense (Jasmine and another one I’m not sure of).

I’m not sure if you can see it but in this picture you can tell that there is one side of the property that isn’t physically protected. Will probably put a sigil there in the form of a painting at some point.


The Central Piece – containing a wish bone and a piece of Tourmaline.

Part Two

The second part involves this central piece that I’m going to use to concentrate the protective energy over the centre of the house.

I’m not sure of the wood I used but it’s flexible and easily manoeuvred into a circular shape without snapping. I also included a chickens wish bone (unbroken) and a piece of tourmaline.


Anchor Side


The Echidna side

Part Three

The third part consists of 5 Australian 5c pieces. I’ve drawn a picture of an anchor on each of them using white out. The reason I chose the 5c piece is because the Echidna appears on them. Echidnas are covered in quills and, when threatened, bury themselves so only their quills are visible. This strong and passive self defence seems to be relevant for what I have in mind.


I buried the 5c pieces (anchor side down) into the ground at each corner of the property along with a couple of pieces of frankincense resin. I then walked the perimeter with the resin and sprinkled extra pieces all along the fences and outside doors.

I then meditated and visualised myself erecting strong and high walls all around and then I concentrated that energy into the centre piece.


The rest of the day I danced in the backyard and in the afternoon I had a friend visit. Later into the night when my fiancè got home it begun to storm.

My friend ended up staying the night and we stayed up late talking.


Something tried to bury in under the front gate.

A day or two later I opened the front gates to find that something either attempted to get onto the property or actually got in. I think I will strengthen the physical entry ways such as the gate and front and back doors.

Edit 11/5/13: On closer inspection of the hole I noticed that there was a mound of dirt on our side of the fence – meaning it would of had to of been digging it’s way out of the property. I still plan on strengthening the physical entry/exits.

Reflections on Moving


Since leaving high school I have moved house 6 times. This time will be my 7th. Seven is my lucky number and I must admit this time around I feel like I’m actually ready and that some really good things will come of it. The other times I moved were because I felt I had no other choice and came about due to commitments to family members and to myself.

When I first moved out of home I felt I had no other choice but to live with my boyfriend at the time. My college is in Sydney and there is no where else that I can do my course face to face, so moving to Sydney seemed my only option albeit an expensive one. Combining our wages was the only way we could both afford it and we didn’t really even second guess the decision to do that – we’ve always been the types to just do what needs to be done to accomplish our goals.

Last year I had to give up studying because I had to move back to my home town due to some family dramas; adults were acting like children and leaving those in need up shit creek without a paddle. Even though numerous confidants told me it wasn’t my responsibility I still felt that it was within my power to do something, and if I could do something then why shouldn’t I? I also had to work more hours to accomodate for the extra mouths to feed as well as the extra travel that my then fiancé needed to do to keep his job – which meant I had no time for study or for the travel required to go into college.

To be completely honest – I still resent the people who I feel were the cause for this. I’m in my 3rd year and if I had of kept living in Sydney I could have been graduating at the end of this year.

I can’t keep living in the past though and in reality it was my choice, I could have said no and walked away. Unfortunately my personality just wouldn’t allow that to happen but again, that’s no one’s fault but my own. However, now that this chapter of my life is coming to an end I’m excited. I’m feel like I’m finally ready to dedicate my life to what I want to do and start being who I want to be. I’ve been mostly focussing on the move at the moment and preparing my fiancé and I for the changes that are to come so I’m sorry if I’ve been a little slack with my practice. I’m working on a few things including my own set of divination stones, warding and protection for the new house, our wedding ceremony and creating some spiritual artwork so stay tuned for updates that I’m sure will be coming very soon.