1/3/13 – Weather Observations

It’s been on and off lately – raining, sunny, hot, cold, humid. The last week was hot, humid and sunny but this week is rainy (still reasonably humid). Since the end of January the weather has been like this – the local dam is at it’s highest in 16 years. The rain has been quite constant and reasonably heavy.

I’ve noticed quite a few galah’s (the white ones in particular but I’ve also spotted some pink ones) making themselves seen. They’ve been eating berries off a tree next to our balcony and every night just before the sun sets a big flock of them fly over the lake – they are pretty loud so you can hear them coming! I’ve been for a drive and seen them all gathered in a couple of trees near the opening of the river. There have also been a lot of bugs and as a result of that; spiders. The Magpie family has become a bit of a gang. I’ve seen them stealing dog food and they’ve been intimidating me for food – I can’t say no to birds. I’ve let them know that was the last time though as we’re moving soon and I’m not sure how the new people will deal with 5 huge magpies landing on their balcony while they eat dinner.

Our corn doesn’t seem to be coping with the rain – thankfully we harvested a majority of the ears before the rain showed up. The tops of the plants seem to be a little mouldy and the leaves have gone brown. I’m not sure what is going on with the beetroot; I have a feeling we should be harvesting that soon but I don’t know what it’s meant to look like (maybe they’re baby beets?)

PS. Sorry for the lack of photo. My computer has spat the dummy and I can’t access any of them.

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